Contemplative at heart, Adrian Disch's compositions exemplify his passion for film scores. Crafting pieces using orchestral elements, organic textures, and ambient undertones, Adrian aims to partner alongside filmmakers and provide them with tools to help them tell their story. Because his compositions range from subtly minimal to melodically intricate, each of his songs are able to portray a different feeling that brings a story to life. With melodies that are both clever and authentic, listeners are sure to be drawn into an introspective and unforgettable experience. Portrait: Shaun Menary Photography.



One Hundred Years is the collaboration of Adrian Disch and Nick Box. They met through music, on the road, playing shows for artist Jeff Johnson. As they began to work together on various projects, their mutual love for cinematic soundtracks led them to start creating original music. Their sound draws from piano-based influences like Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, and Sigur Rós. With each song they write, their hope is to make you feel something. Portrait: Shaun Menary Photography.



Voyageur is the collaboration of Adrian Disch and Kevin Bean. Melodic and organic, Voyageur draws inspiration from the beauty of the places they have seen, and the luring of the places they are yet to experience. Their arrangements are comprised of fluid melodies played by acoustic guitars, pianos, mandolins, and bells. These melodies, combined with various cinematic elements and tones create a unique and contemplative atmosphere for the listener. Portrait: Andrew Ryan Shepherd.